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              Halloween Bites  – Pre-order now – releases 9/30 – Part of A Monstrous Mistake

              Touched in Paradise Part of Temptations in Paradise

              Sin City Hotwife Part of Ultimate Hotwife Vacation

   New Series – Bucket List Diaries

            Free Prequel – My First Toy

            Book 1 – My First Orgasm

            Book 2 – My First Lesbian “O”

            Book 3 – My First Threesome

    Pandemic Passions Series – Four standalone erotic shorts about sexual encounters during the recent pandemic.

            Book 1 – Feel the Burn

            Book 2 – Serving Angela  

            Book 3 – Carly’s Ride  

            Book 4 – Kate’s Call  

    Art of Passion Series – Four erotic stories about Claire, an art student’s exploration of sensuality and art.
            Book 1 – Bound For Her Art  Also Available on Audiobook        

            Book 2 – Submit To Her Art

            Book 3 – Art On Her Sleeve

            Book 4 – Untamed Art

     Caraspace Trilogy – Follow the sexual awakening of Cara, a simple office worker whose lust for Jack leads to fulfillment of sexual desires she was not aware she had.  Things take a turn when his secretary begins seeking Cara’s attention.

             Book 1 – Cara Awakened

    Coming Soon:

            October 6, 2022 -My First Submission – Bucket List Diaries Book 4

            October 21, 2022 – Hotwife Bookclub – A collection of 10 Hotwife stories

            November 3, 2022 – Touched at the Con – The FanXXXpo collaboration and sequel to Touched in Paradise

            December 21, 2022, Cara Unleashed

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