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Touched At THe Con
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Jessie and Martin have always been a happy couple, but as they turn 30, Jessie has seemed bored with the same old bedroom routine. When she gets called to Sin City on business, Martin devises a plan to spice up both their sex lives and fulfill Jessie's hottest fantasies. Contains F/F and F/M and light BDSM

Golden Pigtail Award Nominated

Cara has been pining for co-worker Jack. When he asks her to meet him, Cara is unaware that she is about to enter the BDSM world. As she explores the surface of her kink, she is unaware of Jack's motives.  To complicate things, there is a mysterious third party manipulating both of them.

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When sheltered Dalia gets a diary for her 19th birthday, she makes a sexual bucket list, promising to write about each first experience. Join her as she experiences her first orgasm!

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